The Derby!

Roller Derby Is Alive 

You have probably already heard of roller derby at some point in your life. But do you know what roller derby really is? Well, I am going to do my best to give you a good explanation. First of all, roller derby is the real deal! Nothing that you see in a game of roller derby is pre-planned or scripted. It is just some kind of a show that is designed to entertain you. Roller derby is a real sport, and people who participate in roller derby games are very tough. 

 The best method of learning about roller derby is by watching roller derby games. It is actually not that complicated. You should understand all of the rules after watching just one or two games. 

 There is a lot of roller derby fans that would be more than happy to explain the rules to you, tell you about different strategies, and just simply tell you about how proud they are of being roller derby fans. Checking out the history of this sport online would be a good idea as well. 

The Length of a Roller Derby Game 

A game of roller derby is simply known as a bout. Two teams compete against each other, and each team consists of five players. Each team is made up of three blockers, one pivot, and one jammer. 

 Each game of roller derby is 60 minutes long – there are two 30-minute-long periods which are further broken down into jams that are two minutes long each. As you can see, a game of roller derby is very similar to a game of soccer, but only in the terms of length. 

What Is the Jam 

The jam is actually a race that is two minutes long. Each teams jammer competes against each other to see which one of them can score the most points. When a jammer passes their opponent, they earn a one point for their team. Although this probably sounds easy to you, it is actually not! Members of the opposing team will do whatever they can to stop the other team’s jammer in their tracks.  

Roller derby has one thing in common with combat sports – it is a full-contact sport. What this means is that each team will do whatever they can to get the job done and win the game. This includes hitting the members of the opposing team with their hips and shoulders, as well as pushing the members of their own team to make them go faster. 

How to Score Points 

In order to be able to start accumulating points, each team’s jammer has to make one complete pass through the pack first. Using torso, hips, and shoulders to hit the members of the opposing team is completely legal, but using hands, forearms, elbows, and head is not. 

Derbies Best!

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