Rainbow Skate

Roller Skating: A Magical Experience

Rainbow SkatesIf you grew up in the US between the late 40’s and early 2000’s you undoubtedly visited your local roller skating rink. It may have been for a birthday party of a classmate, or for a disco night skate. One thing is for sure you made a lasting memory.

Roller Skating – The history of skating goes back to the 30’s and is still alive today, it has launched new ideas and evolved over the years. Still today you can find roller skate waitresses at drive-ins and fantastic local skating rinks. Its something we hope never dies.

The Rink

Roller skating has a number of elements to it that make it so memorable. Such as learning something new, its relatively easy to learn yet new and exciting.  The atmosphere is friendly and enticing full of lights and movement. You might be going around in an infinite circle but the thrill never ceases.

The Business

Running a business around roller skating, a fading trend, has its challenges as well. Kids these days want to stay on their iPads and mobile devices, so it became ever challenging to draw a crowd. Never the less we came up with some creative ways to keep the good times rolling. From in-school demonstrations to Youtube videos and FaceBook. We tried about everything.

Keep up with this blog as we discuss the magic of roller skating and the challenges of everyday business.

Here’s a great clip of a Roller Derby, what a fun sport!